Monday, April 27, 2009


Who says music cannot inspire social and political change? In fact, who says music can't simply be thought-provoking? Ironically, this video was banned by MTV (not that much music plays on that channel anyway) while we continue to see half-naked Rap/RnB stars sing openly about sexual intercourse. Oh, what a strange world we live in.

MTV criticism aside, this clip continues to blow me away (pun not intended). Its symbolism, metaphor and juxtaposition is any film student and film critic's dream. It employs a number of very clever film techniques to create intellectual as well as emotional responses. It really is something that needs to be seen. And I find the music and lyrics very appealing too. And with its contemporary setting, we can't help but wonder just what is around corrner....

The track feature's a guest performance by Kubb's Harry Collier.

So watch. Listen. Think.

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